Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Adoption T-Shirt is here... Get yours now!

Please consider purchasing a T-shirt to help support Tom's mission trip to Ethiopia and to help us bring home our daughter from Ethiopia.
We have completed all of our dossier paperwork. We are waiting on a last CORI check for our finalized Home Study. When we get this we can apply for our fingerprinting which will result in our immigration approval. Once we have this we can submit our dossier. The last two families from our agency, that requested a 4-6 year old girl received their referral in 19 days. Please pray for the rest of these documents so we can bring our daughter home.
We thank you for being a part of this journey with us!

More information to come on the Mission trip.

We want to thank all of our friends, Dwight Chapel, Pioneer Clubs, and Amherst Dental for all the donations for the orphanages in Ethiopia.
Thank you for your support and prayers!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Misson trip to Ethiopia... next month!

November mission trip to Ethiopia

Thank you all for following our blog. I just received this update from Children's Hopechest, describing the orphanages our group will be visiting in Ethiopia next month. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers as we begin the planning for how to provide much needed support to these organizations.


Kind Heart
Ownership: Private
Type: School
Number of Children: 56
Ages: 5 to 9 years of age
Orphanage director: Peshome
Location: Addis Ababa

Kind Heart was established in 1995 and focused on educational and vocational training for children and young adults. In the past they had programs for the hearing impaired, family support, and emergency relief assistance. Today, they are a school for young children (KG1 and 2) where basic education is taught and the children receive one meal a day. The school is located on 40K square meters near a river that is contaminated by a textile plant. About half of the children have to cross this river in order to get to school. The vocational school for students ages 16-18 is still on the property with equipment and supplies, but it is not functional because they cannot afford salaries for teachers. The current needs are food, school supplies, and salaries for the kindergarten teachers, guard, and cook. Capital projects may include a new kitchen and a clean water well. Peshome communicated to us in September 09 that due to the support from Children’s HopeChest, Kind Heart will remain open and continue as a school for younger children. Closing this facility was under consideration until HopeChest provided support.

Hope for the Hopeless Drop-in Center
Ownership: Private
Type: Drop-in center
Number of Children: 15
Ages: 8 years of age and up
Orphanage director: Fekadu Shenuke
Location: Addis Ababa

The Drop-in Center is a short term home. Children are brought by local police or they come on their own because they know it is a safe place where they can wash, get food, and be sheltered. These children have lost their parent due to disease or other circumstances. The Drop In Center also provides spiritual guidance if they want to participate.
Note: Hope fro the Hopeless Drop-in Center is perfect for a group or organization to sponsor corporately. Letter writing and long term discipleship cannot function in the typical manner due to the transitional nature of the orphans.

Kombolcha/ Grace Baptist Church Development Program drop-in center
Ownership: Private/Baptist Church
Type: Drop-in center
Number of Children: aid to 180 children five days a week, area has 400+ in need
Ages: 7 to14 years of age
Orphanage director: Dawit Gebeyehu
Location: Kombolcha, Ethiopia, 375 kilometers north of Addis Ababa

The church located at the central part of the town of Kombolcha, and there are many factories and industries in this area. The government has selected 420 kids in Kombolcha that are in need and “given” to the church to care for. The church is able to provide food once a day for 180 of these children. They did have a donor that provided food for all these children, but the donor is no longer supporting the church. Their needs are food, medical treatment, clothing and schooling. The church currently teaches them about Jesus and character development. It takes the children 20 minutes to get to the church.

Emanuel Orphanage
Ownership: Private
Type: Orphanage/drop in center
Number of Children: 122
Ages: 5 to 15 years of age
Orphanage director: Eyob
Location: Woliso, Ethiopia, one hour’s drive south of Addis Ababa

Currently 45 kids live at this location and an additional 75 children in the community come to the center for medical treatment, food, clothing, education. Many people come to this community because there is a lake and spring water there.

Promising Integrated Action for the Relief of Needy Ethiopia (PIARNE)
Ownership: Privately owned by Mintesinot
Type: Drop in center
Number of Children: 81 children (26 are double orphans; 55 are single orphans)
Ages: 4 to 16 years or age
Orphanage director: Mintesinot
Location: Addis Ababa

Most of the children have lost one or both parents to HIV. Their needs are food, clothing, medical, and education. Currently the property is small with an office that serves as a temporary place to gather. The government recently approved a larger piece of property for the drop in center.