Thursday, July 24, 2008

Exciting News!

Three of our fellow America World Families passed court today. Be sure to check out the
Moles Family, Cox family, and Ducumon Family blogs. There is a link on the left if you scroll down under America World Families. They have all posted pictures of their children and some videos. They will be traveling to Ethiopia on August 8th.

The Moles family will be taking a care package to Daniel. We sent a baby blanket that Grandma made. One side is jungle print and one side is our family picture. We also sent a baby photo album with family pictures. They will be hand delivering these items along with hugs and kisses to Daniel. They have also promised to take pictures and video of our little guy. As soon as we have our court date we can share those with you.

Please pray for safe travels for these families and please pray that Baby Daniel will be in our arms soon.
Love to all.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No court before court closure.

Well today we received this e-mailfrom our agency..

I just got off the phone with Duni and wanted to notify you right away that you will not be able to make it through court until after the closures. I’m sorry for this disappointing news, and I also apologize if I got your hopes up. Because the courts are over flowing with cases right now, there is no possible way that they will be able to take your cases as well. You’re court dates will not be until October. I pray that the excitement of knowing your child will carry you through this waiting period. Be blessed.

We will be waiting until October for a court date. We will have to wait to to meet our son. For those of you that do not know, the Ethiopian courts close from somewhere around August 7th until October 7th. Daniel will be staying in the transiton home until after the courts open back up. We ask that you continue to pray for him and us. We hope to bring our son home before Thanksgiving.

I did find out today that he is crawling everywhere and will be walking soon. He is still drinking a bottle and eating cereal. We keep hearing that he is the cutest thing ever. We can't wait to post pictures and meet this little guy. We can't post pictures until after court. We will keep you updated.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Today at 4:25 the call came....
It is 4:25 I was sitting out by the pool just getting ready to get in. The neighbor had just left and my kids were swimming. I sit on the edge to slide in and just then the phone rings. I think I will see who it is, but I am not going to answer it. It says 703.... oh my I think that is America World, I start crying. I answer the phone and it is Terra she asked me how I was, I ask is this "the call" she says yes...
I am yelling at the kids get out of the pool, on the deck, no off the deck, close up the pool, it's "the call" I am just crying and going crazy! The neighbor hears me and thinks that someone got hurt in the pool, she comes running. The kids are yelling it's our referral. I am apologizing to Terra, I am running in the house crying, shaking, and my phone is about to die. I find another phone calm down and listen to all the information. I called my husband on the cell phone to tell him (still crying), he thinks that something bad has happened because he hears all this crying. So at this point the kids are yelling what is it boy or girl? How old? So I tell them all Boy and he was one in May. So Grandma now has 7 Grandkids which 3 have birthdays in June, she asked me to make sure this one is not a June b-day... Grandma how is May 27th? I then wait 25 minutes until Tom gets home so we can all look at his picture. I can't wait to show you all his picture. He is the cutest baby ever. He has big beautiful eyes and cheeks that are the cutest ever. It just makes you want to pick him and love on him.
There is a slim chance that we could make it through court before the closure. Please pray for him that we can get to him soon. We know that God won't leave him in Ethiopia a day longer than he needs to be there. We are off to celebrate and make more phone calls. Thank you for all your prayers.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

T-Shirts and Bags

Hi all. Our fundraising efforts so far have been very successful. We want to thank everyone who has purchased t-shirts and bags and peppermint patties. We are now sold out of the small bags!

In order to clear the baby's crib of the remaining shirts and bags, we've reduced the prices. Everything we have left will now cost $15! Thanks for your support and prayers.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Who would of thought....

Today marks 7 months of waiting for our little one. We mailed our dossier to Ethiopia 7 months ago today. We started all the paper work in April of 2007. I never thought that the wait would be this long. I am thankful for all the referrals that came in last month a total of 10. We pray for that many or more this month.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Families in Ethiopia

There are three America World Families in Ethiopia this week. You can follow the Gibson Family and the Raymer Family Blogs and their journey to meeting their children. Please pray for the families, the first meetings and the journey back to the US.
If you scroll down on the left side of our blog there is an America World listing of family blogs. You can click on the family name to follow their blogs. Have fun following their journey to bring their little ones home.