Friday, August 20, 2010

Foster Care Again!

This last Tuesday night, our home study agency once again asked us to do temporary foster care for them. We now have a 1 year old boy with us! He is a very big boy and I can certainly say that I am not used to carrying a 26 pound baby around! Boy are my arms and back sore... He is in the process of being placed up for domestic adoption. Please pray for him and his future, there are a lot of things up in the air right now. Please pray for his birth mom and his prospective adoptive parents!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Need coffee?

How's your coffee stock doing? We're in the final stages of our adoption, expecting to travel to Ethiopia in October and again a month or two later. If you need coffee or have family or friends who appreciate good coffee, check out the link below. A portion of any coffee we sell goes to support our expenses.

Neither Lori nor I are coffee drinkers, but we hear that the coffee is really good. Go to:

Thanks for your support.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Referral News!!!

A gift from God (Our precious daughter holding her first doll from us)

On July 19th, we received a referral for the sweetest almost 5 year old little girl! We are not allowed to post pictures until we pass court... You will just have to take our word that she is just precious! Please pray for her and her time that she will spend in the Transition Home (that our agency runs) until we can bring her home. We are praying that this week our agency will be able to secure us a court date for early Oct. The Ethiopian Courts close Aug. 6th until Sept. 28th. If they are not able to, we will have to wait until Oct. to get a court date. If we can get one scheduled this week, it will allow us to see our daughter earlier, cheaper flights, and make it a lot easier for planning purposes.

The Ethiopian Courts close for the rainy season. As some of you remember we got caught in court closure last time with Daniel. We received our referral 2 years and 1 day after Daniel's referral!

We have been very blessed to be able to send our daughter care packages with traveling families. We have sent her clothes, a little doll, little animals, paper, crayons, a ball, a jump rope, etc. Other traveling families have also been very generous to us and have taken pictures of her for us! The pictures are such a special gift! We can't wait until it is our turn to take care packages and photos for other families!

The next steps are:
1. Get a court date (hopefully for early Oct - which would be a wonderful birthday present)
2. Travel for court (Tom, Lori, Sara, and Michael) and meet our daughter
3. Travel back home,
4. Wait for the US Embassy to give us clearance to bring her home
5. Travel back to Ethiopia to bring our daughter home
6. Get a wonderful Family picture taken with all of us in the same place!

There are still a lot of steps to bringing her home... PLEASE JOIN US IN PRAYER
Please pray our daughter home for the Holidays!!!
Thanks for all of the hugs, prayers, and support!