Saturday, January 23, 2010

Great news!

There are only seven unsponsored kids at Kind Heart. That means that 68 children are now matched up with families here in the United States, and the orphanage is able to meet the needs of these children. In addition, Kind Heart is working to obtain permits in order to build a bridge over the filthy river so the kids don't have to walk through the water with the suffocating stench when walking to the drop in center from the town. Thank you to everyone for your incredible support.

Because of the overwhelming support, and ongoing interest, I am going to expand our reach to another organization. Hanna's Homes is a drop-in center for children who have lost both of their parents. What's really unique about Hanna's Homes is that the children are placed in foster homes rather than having to live in an orphanage. It's a great model because the kids can receive the love and attention they need in a small home setting. I am gathering information and will share it as I have it available.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Kind Heart Sponsorships

Hi all. People are signing up for sponsorships. I've included below a few of the kids that are now sponsored, which means that Kind Heart is in much better position to feed, clothe, and educate all of the kids at this facility.

Abenezer is four years old, and has been at Kind Heart for less than a year. He is a single orphan (one of his parents is deceased). Note the flies on his face. One of the things I noticed at many of the orphanages is that the kids don't bother to swat away the flies.

Tibebu is four years old and has been attending Kind Hearts for less than a year. He is a "vulnerable child" which means he has relatives living but they are unable to care for him adequately. I met Tibebu when I was in Ethiopia. I'll post more pictures of him later.

Wolnshet has attended Kind Hearts for two years. She is six years old. She is also a "vulnerable child."

Yobetal is seven years old and has been at Kind Heart for less than a year. He is a "vulnerable child."

There are lots more kids that need sponsored. Let me know if you're interested.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Supporting Kind Heart

It's great to see the sponsorships coming in, knowing that the kids at Kind Heart will begin having their needs met on a daily basis. There are several ways you can support these kids:

1. Sponsor a child. The $34/month goes directly to the care center. You have the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with a child at Kind Heart. I have profiles for the kids there. You simply let me know you'd like to support a sponsorship, and I'll send you a profile.
2. Join a mission trip. Once a year, a group goes to visit Kind Heart. It's a chance to build relationships with the children, and experience the unique culture of the country.
3. Help Kind Heart with their large needs. Children's Hopechest and Kind Heart are developing a long term strategic plan, designed to help Kind Heart be self-sustaining. Each year, we will identify a major project and do fundraising for that project. You can make a one-time contribution towards that project.
4. Provide donations. In December, I took two large suitcases full of tooth paste, tooth brushes, socks, shoes, underwear, toys, vitamins, and first aid supplies to Ethiopia to be distributed to all of the orphanages we visited. Lori will be returning this year and will be visiting Kind Heart.

You can provide support in one or all four of the areas listed above. The sponsorships are ready to go now. I'll have information on items two and three at a later date.

Thank you for all of your support.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ethiopian Coffee!

Neither Lori nor I are coffee drinkers, but we're told that there's nothing like Ethiopian coffee. While there in December, I picked up some fresh roasted coffee beans (the roaster was right in the shop where we bought the beans) and an Ethiopian coffee pot. We will give away the pot and three bags of coffee at the end of January.

You can have one entry for five dollars, three entries for ten dollars, or ten entries for twenty dollars. All proceeds will help us fund our adoption. Email me ( or Lori ( to let me know how many entries you want.

BONUS: If you share our coffee giveaway on your Facebook page or on your blog, you'll receive five extra entries with your order!