Thursday, July 8, 2010

Check this out!

Earlier this week Tom received an e-mail from a local author/photographer. She is co-writing an adoption book. She met with us last night and photographed our family. She took family pictures, a picture of Daniel and Tom looking at a picture of Ethiopia, and a brothers picture (with Michael, Benjamin, and Daniel). She is hoping to use a couple of these pictures in the book. The deadline is August and the book should come out 6 months later. The book will be geared for children ages 4 to 7 years old! You can check the author out at
She has also written a book called SHADES OF PEOPLE! Showing that people come in all shades. It is like wrapping paper, it doesn't matter the shade is on the outside it is what is in the inside that counts!

We will keep you updated as to when the adoption book is ready for purchase!