Thursday, July 24, 2008

Exciting News!

Three of our fellow America World Families passed court today. Be sure to check out the
Moles Family, Cox family, and Ducumon Family blogs. There is a link on the left if you scroll down under America World Families. They have all posted pictures of their children and some videos. They will be traveling to Ethiopia on August 8th.

The Moles family will be taking a care package to Daniel. We sent a baby blanket that Grandma made. One side is jungle print and one side is our family picture. We also sent a baby photo album with family pictures. They will be hand delivering these items along with hugs and kisses to Daniel. They have also promised to take pictures and video of our little guy. As soon as we have our court date we can share those with you.

Please pray for safe travels for these families and please pray that Baby Daniel will be in our arms soon.
Love to all.

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Jori said...

Hey Lori ~ Just wanted to let you know you are in my thought and prayers this morning. May the Lords will be done and the acceptance of it as well. Wish I knew the right words but ... He knows! Let us know.