Monday, March 9, 2015

Kombolcha Ethiopia 2015

March 6, 2015
Tom and Benjamin are packed and ready to go 360 pounds! It is mostly donations, a little clothes for Tom and Benjamin, some snacks, homework, and cameras and electronics. 

We will drive to Hartford tonight for a 7:22 to flight from BDL to Dulles where they will spend the night. They will be joining Glen, Myndi, and Ty Bogdanovich at Hartford!

They had a quick bit to eat and were off! They spent the night at Dulles and were back at the airport early Saturday  morning  for their 12 hour flight to Ethiopia. 
The other group of travelers ran into some difficulties. 4 of the team were not able to fly from NC to Dulles due to mechanical issues. They rented a car and drove to Dulles to fly out a day late. One team member had a medical emergency and she and her husband were unable to fly out on time also! Tom and 5 others flew to Ethiopia on time with no problems! The other 6 flew out on Sunday and arrived in Ethiopia this am. 

Here is the 1st group Team Kombolcha in Addis at the guest house. 
They left at 6 am this morning for Kombolcha! They will be vising 100 new kids today. 
The Team Determined, arrived in Ethiopia this am (all 6) they started their journey to Kombolcha, but are having van troubles. Please keep praying for them!

I talked to Tom today, he said the drive to Kombolcha was good and they all made it alive! He said the driver was a little crazy, he got some air time and some head bumps. He said they would be stopping to buy some MOOZ (Amharic word for bananas) on the way to the center.

Benjamin and Ty spent a long time Sunday playing soccer with Fikre and about 10 Ethiopian boys in the street near the guest house. They had a great time! 

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