Thursday, October 2, 2008

Travel Dates.... Nov. 1st.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We just received our tentative travel dates!!!!!!!!!!! We are part of the November 1st group! Depending on which airline we use we will either fly out on October 31st or November 1st! This means that we should return home on November the 8th. We have a court date in the next couple of weeks, if every thing goes good.... we will have concrete travel plans.
Boy do I have a lot to do!!!!!!!!
I sent an outfit to Daniel in Ethiopia to see if it would fit, here is the response that I received...
So, we got Daniel's outfit yesterday, sent from Duni. We put it on him, and it was a little big. But not too big to wear...we just hike those pants up to his chest and it was great! So, I hope that can help you to determine what size clothes to bring. I'm sure he'll soon fit great in that 18 mo size.
Alright since I don't think I want my son wearing pants hiked to his chest.... I guess I am off to buy 12 month pants.

OH MY: We are leaving in 29-30 days!
Keep praying for Daniel, us, our court, our flights, everything!
God is Good! We are going to bring our son home! In another month we will be half way around the world with him!


Jody Britton said...

I can't wait !!!! It will be so wonderful to meet you, and our little men. :) Oh, and I beat you to posting. hehe :)

the Steiger's said...

this is a great news!!! I am rejoicing with you. You know we still need to get together before you leave.
love, LEnka

Jori said...

I am so excited for you guys!!! What a blessing and girl you better get to packing!! :):) I can't hardly wait for it to be my turn!! Praying for court passing on first try for all!!!!!
love ya, jori

Susan said...

Woo hoo!! Hey, if we don't pass court or get our visa mess straightened, we may be travel buddies. ;-) (Hope not though!)
Did you find some nice pants without flowers?

Love you! Susan

The Adventures of Caleb, Becca and Sakari David... said...

WOOHOOOOO for travel!!!!

ethiHOPEia said...

Yeah!!!! Can't wait to follow how things go with you IN ETHIOPIA!!!!