Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Long Weekend!

On Saturday, Tom left to take Michael to his basketball game, about 40 minutes later I tried to take Allison to her basketball game. Both games were in different cities and not ours. Well as I started backing out of the drive, I got stuck in the snow and ice. The more I tried to get out, the worse I got stuck. Thankfully a neighbor took Allison to meet Tom, so that he could get her to her game. Michael then stayed and watched the neighbors basketball game and then they brought him home. I called AAA for help. They came out and looked at our drive and told us we were on our own. They could could not help us. Daniel and I worked for an hour, the van was just stuck. When Tom got home we worked for over another hour, sand, salt, digging.... nothing was working. I got it stuck good. (Thank goodness Tom was not home when I got stuck or the car would have been blocked in the garage). It was really cold and dark out, so at this time we decided to call it a night. We will deal with it in the morning.

Well Daniel is having a really restless night. At 12:30 we give him Tylenol, and I decide to lay down with him in the guest bed until the Tylenol kicks in. It is after 1:00 and he is still restless. At 1:20 he sits up, crawls forward and puts his head back down. He misses the pillow and hits the bookcase headboard. I immediately grab him and turn the light on.... there is blood all over his face and all around his eye. After cleaning him up we see that he has split his head right on the right eye brow. So it is off to the Emergency Room. The van is still stuck. We can't fit everyone in the car, so we leave Allison with the boys. We head to the Emergency Room! We had a terrific nurse and a great pediatric doctor. Daniel got three stitches on his right eye brow. We got back home at 3:30.

On Sunday, after about 3 1/2 hours of working and neighbors helping we finally got the van out. We even made it to a friends house for a Super Bowl Party. Yes, all of my boys are happy that the Steelers won.

Daniel had an ear infection that had not gone away, that is why he was so restless. He is now on a different antibiotic. He goes Friday to get his stitches out.

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Jody Britton said...

Oh my goodness Lori. What a weekend. I wondered as I saw all your status updates. I'm glad you shared. I'm so sorry. Glad everyone is okay and warm inside though. :) And Daniel is still super cute even with stitches!