Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You can help make a difference...

Hello to all,
In April of 2007 we started all of the paper work and the process of adopting from Ethiopia. In December of 2007 we sent in our dossier and the wait for a referral began. We knew that in God's Time we would receive our referral, for the child God had chosen for our family. On July 18th we received these two photos of our son.

His name was Fitsum Daniel he was born on May 27th, 2007. He went to Kid's Care orphanage on March 31st, of 2008 and was transferred to America World's Transition Home on June 10th of 2008. After reviewing his file and seeing his pictures, we knew he was perfect for our family. Daniel remained in the Transition Home until November 4th of 2008. While Daniel was at the orphanage and transition home, he was loved on and taken care of. They do the best they can, given the circumstances in Ethiopia. We had to wait until the courts re-opened and we could pass court in October before we could travel. We passed court on October the 16th and we left for Ethiopia on November 1st. We met Daniel for the first time on November 3rd, and picked him up for good on November the 4th. Here are a few pictures of meeting him.

We spent a week in Ethiopia, what we saw and experienced changed our hearts for ever. I believe that we left a piece of our heart in Ethiopia. There is so much need in Ethiopia. I would love to adopt again, Tom would love to make a difference and help in a bigger scale. Here are a few pictures of what we saw in Ethiopia.

I can't find the words to share with you all that we experienced in Ethiopia. The people were amazing. They truly love their people and others. We were treated so well. The poverty was heart breaking. We saw people out begging for food, sleeping on the streets, and living in little huts. It really make you stop and think how good we have it. I can't imagine being a parent and not being able to provide for your child or children. There are millions of babies being relinquished or abandoned daily. There parents simply can't take care of them. These babies are coming into the orphanage or transition home extremely malnourished. There are babies that are weighing in at 7 pounds at 6 months old. They are in need of special formula and there is a way you can help. Daniel was healthy when we took him to the doctor in the US. He had a few minor problems and was the size of a 12 month old at 17 months. He is extremely healthy now and has grown about 3 inches and gained about 3 pounds. he has been home for 6 months. Please check out the following link and find it in your heart to pray and help make a difference.
One person can make a difference.


Written by Tom Davis
May 04, 2009
URGENT NEED: Forumla Needed for Malnourished Babies in Ethiopia

Famine and poverty are increasing the rates of malnourished infant babies in Ethiopia. Children's HopeChest has worked with the America World Adoption Agency (AWAA) on projects in Ethiopia and Russia over the past five years. This request came to us from their transition home where they are receiving severely malnourished babies into their care. This month, in honor of mother's day, I want to raise $12,500 to provide specialized baby formula to this transition home for these malnourished babies.
Please pray and help us make a difference.

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Great post!!! A fantastic way to share your personal story & photos & let others know how they can help!!!