Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The next book on my list to read. Just waiting on it to get here!

"Think of the plight of the orphan somewhere right now out there in the world. It's not just that she's lonely. It's that she has NO inheritance, no future. With every passing year she's less "cute," less adoptable. In just a few years, on her eighteenth birthday, she'll be expelled from the orphanage or from "the system." What will happen to her then? Maybe she'll join the military or find some job training. Maybe she'll stare at a tile on the ceiling above her as her body is violated by a man who's willing to pay her enough to eat for a day, alone in a back alley or in front of a camera crew of strangers. Maybe she'll place a revolver in her mouth or tie a rope around her neck, knowing NO ONE will have to deal with her except, once again the bureaucratic "authorities" who can clean up the mess she leaves behind. Can you feel the force of such desperation?
Jesus can.
She's his little sister.

What if a mighty battalion of Christian parents would open their hearts and their homes to unwanted infants- infants some so-called "clinics" would like to see carried out with the medical waste? It might mean that next Christmas there'll be one more stocking at the chimney at your house..a new son or daughter who escaped the abortionist's knife or the orphanage's grip to find at your knee the grace of a carpenter's Son."
Quote from a BRAND NEW adoption book titled...
Adopted For Life- Russell D. Moore

I just finished reading "Fields of the Fatherless" and "Scared" by Tom Davis. I would recommend reading these books whether you are thinking about adoption or not. As Christians we are called to help and make a difference. Challenge yourself about how you can help someone in need.

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