Sunday, January 17, 2010

Supporting Kind Heart

It's great to see the sponsorships coming in, knowing that the kids at Kind Heart will begin having their needs met on a daily basis. There are several ways you can support these kids:

1. Sponsor a child. The $34/month goes directly to the care center. You have the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with a child at Kind Heart. I have profiles for the kids there. You simply let me know you'd like to support a sponsorship, and I'll send you a profile.
2. Join a mission trip. Once a year, a group goes to visit Kind Heart. It's a chance to build relationships with the children, and experience the unique culture of the country.
3. Help Kind Heart with their large needs. Children's Hopechest and Kind Heart are developing a long term strategic plan, designed to help Kind Heart be self-sustaining. Each year, we will identify a major project and do fundraising for that project. You can make a one-time contribution towards that project.
4. Provide donations. In December, I took two large suitcases full of tooth paste, tooth brushes, socks, shoes, underwear, toys, vitamins, and first aid supplies to Ethiopia to be distributed to all of the orphanages we visited. Lori will be returning this year and will be visiting Kind Heart.

You can provide support in one or all four of the areas listed above. The sponsorships are ready to go now. I'll have information on items two and three at a later date.

Thank you for all of your support.


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