Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kombolcha schedule

Here we go. Another trip to Ethiopia. Candy Tennant just sent the schedule in brochure form, and all of a sudden it is very real to me. Lori has been spending the last few months gathering donations, packing suitcases, and coordinating gifts. Daniel and Lori have collected over $1600 in monetary donations that will be used for a feast for the kids and the start of one of the capital projects. Friends have sent water bottles, pencils, tooth brushes, crafts, and toys. We also have hand made first aid kits containing band aids and ointment for each of the kids. Becka Morris, one of our neighbors, and I are joining a larger group of people from around the country to travel to Kombolcha. Others in our group have crafts, back bags, clothes, shoes, and much much more for the kids.

Kombolcha is a small town of around 12000 about 250 miles from Addis. Below is our schedule for the week. I'll be posting updates (assuming we have Internet access) and photos throughout the week.

Sunday, April 22 ~ Check in at the Guest House. Schedule will vary depending on when you arrive at the house. Make sure to leave items for Trees of Glory and Project Green Light at the front desk.
Monday, April 23 ~ Breakfast at the Guest House. Depart early morning for Kombolcha (Tom's note: it will take most of the day to get to Kombolcha. Last time it took us ten hours. And there are no McDonald's to stop at along the way). A bag lunch will be provided by the Guest House.
* Upon arrival at Grace Baptist Care Point, please keep pens or pencils in your backpack or pocket. Children may ask for a pen or pencil which they need to at-tend school.
* Be prepared with a few games or the parachute. Josh, Rob and Tom to meet with the Pastor. Determine schedule and which children will be at the site and at what times.
* Hand out water bottles. Have sharpies on hand to write names on the bottles.
Monday evening ~ dinner at Sunnyside Hotel. Pre-pare for the following day.
NOTE: Backpacks will be given out with the Care Packages!
Tuesday & Wednesday ~ Breakfast at Sunnyside Hotel. Morning and afternoon camp sessions at Grace Baptist Care Point. Lunch at the hotel. During the break between camps, sponsors may be able to meet with parent or guardian at their home.
Thursday ~ Modified camp schedule to be determined. Make time for distribution of Sew Important (girls only). Laura Driggers to lead. Must have female translator.
Friday ~ Modified schedule. Morning camp only. Feast at noon.
Saturday ~ Depart Kombolcha early morning for drive to Ethiopian Guest Home in Addis Ababa. Make sure you have snacks for the ride back.
NOTE: Call Ethiopia Airlines to confirm seats for Sunday departure!
Sunday ~ Attend church at IEC. English service at 8:30-9:45 and 11:15-12:30. Coffee shopping at Moka Harrar Coffee (across from St George's). They have the BEST coffee in Addis. Worth waiting for them to roast the beans.
The cost of a lamb will be approximately 700—1000 ($60 per lamb depending on the size). Total $300.
$287 is as it is; this will be for injera, sauces and soft drinks.
$78 for the long lasting plates (90 count).
Care Packages ~ Care packages, Dresses, Spreadsheets, Underwear
Crafts ~Banner, Beads, Masking Tape, Paints, Paper, Pens & T-Shirts
Recreation ~ Balls & Parachute
Waiting Area ~ Air pump, Balloons, Bean bags, Masking tape, Scissors, Scratch Art & Yarn

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