Monday, March 10, 2014

On Friday March 7, We arrived at Boston airport with 9 50 pound bags and 7 15 pound bags. We checked in hoping that we could check our bags all the way to Ethiopia! Well United said that our lay over was longer than 6 hours at Dulles and we would have to take all our bags with us on the shuttle to the hotel! 

 Saturday morning, our world travelers are ready to go!
 Ready for a really long flight to Ethiopia!
 Sunday morning in Ethiopia, spending time in Ethiopia in devotion.
 Monday morning, just before 5:30, loading the van for Kombolcha!
 The team is ready for the drive to Kombolcha.

Lori here, 

The trip is going well, it has started with a few road bumps! Rob, our team pastor was sick and one team member had her flight cancelled and didn't make the flight with the team. Rob is feeling better and Patty is now with the team! There is no internet in Kombolcha, and it is not looking like there will be any for the week! So I will update what I can. 
The team arrived in Kombolcha today. The kids sang to the team. They spent time loving on the kids and playing with them! The girls thought Michael was cute and liked telling Allison that. Tom said that Allison and Michael had kids all around them. Tom is specifically looking for all of  the sponsor kids of our friends and families. He spent time with 3 or 4 of them today.
One fun thing from today, while eating their picnic lunch Allison and Michael offered a kid on the side of the road some food. After he walked away, Allison said I should have given him one of the balls I had in my bag. They ran back to the van to get a ball, by the time she dug through her bag, he was a long way down the road. She was ready to give up! Glen told her to run, and together with Michael they ran after the kid to give him a ball! Soon the kid ran back with a friend asking for another ball. They gave him a ball, and gave them empty water bottles from the van. The kids posed for pictures with Allison and Michael!
Now we need to wait for internet to see pictures and hear stories in their words! 

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