Saturday, April 16, 2016


We are back in Addis and so I am finally able to post some photos. I have lots more, and will post them as I sort through them.  These photos aren't in any particular order. Here we go!

This is the little boy who had been diagnosed with a disease that if left
untreated can be fatal. Thanks to a generous donation, he received 
the shots and is now cured.
One of our teammates, Heather, with an admirer at CHDA.
"Mama Suze" Howe with kids at CHDA. Most of them are unsponsored. 
Kids at CHDA receiving mangos, thanks to donations from our friends and family.

All of the families of kids at CHDA received teff (in the white sacks) and
cooking oil. A special donation was made to purchase these essential supplies. Once
the care point gets 50% of its kids sponsored, all of the families will receive supplies
every month.
Bags of teff waiting for families to pick up at CHDA.

The entire team, Meserete staff, translators, and Fikre and Zalalem.
All of the kids with the team and staff at Meserte.
"Mama Sue", Lor, and Heather serving food at the feast. 
Kids enjoying the feast.
Ranni getting ready to enjoy her feast. 
Les, Sarah, and Glen having their feet washed by the kids. 
Heather and Les washing feet. 
This year's team in front of the Sunny Side Hotel. 
Me with some of the kids. 
Fikre showing the injera that has been
prepared for the feast.

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