Thursday, September 11, 2008

Travel Conference Call

Today, America World (our adoption agency) had a conference call for families with referrals that are waiting to travel. We will no longer be staying at the Hilton, they are looking into Guest Houses for us to stay in during our stay in Ethiopia. From the sounds of it, it will be a little more cozy and home like. We will be staying with the other families in our travel group. We will also be able to learn more about the Ethiopian culture in the Guest House than we would have at the hotel.

They are hoping to send two large groups (6-8 families) in October, November, One large group in December, and two more in January, to catch up after the court closure. We hope to be in one of the October groups or the first in November. The Ethiopian courts re-open on Oct. 8th. I am thinking that passing court that week would be a great Birthday present.
We have been buying the things that we are going to need to take for Daniel, gifts for the workers and donations for the transition home and orphanage (where Daniel has lived).
Today we received a list of items that are needed as donations. If anyone would like to donate supplies or money, please let me know. Here is the list that we were given.

• *Blankets and Linens with sizes 60inch by 45,

55 inch by 35, 40 inch by 26, 48 inch by 35

• *Pillow case with sizes 27 inch by 17

• Pillow for infants

• Shoes for age 2-11 years

• *Cloths for all age group kids specially for infants

• *Soap, lotions, Vaseline, hair oil, wipers, shavers

• *Socks, cotton capes &panties for infants

• Socks & under wares for older kids

• *Feeding bottles, nipples

• *Exercise books, teaching aids (spiritual and academic books, pen,

• Sandals for nannies and older kids (the ones which are so easy to
wear& has so many holes in it)

• If possible uniforms for nannies. It’s good for the kids health
and the nannies too. Almaz gets them from America. They look so clean
and cute. Looks like the nurses uniform in the movies.

•Antibiotics (like Amoxicillin, Ampicillin), antifungal, gloves,
needles, blades -juice blender -DVD player with kids spiritual,academic
& cartoon movies,tape

These are just some items needed. They are in children Tylenol, cold medicine, diapers, wipes, little toys, snacks, etc. We will be taking lots of donations with us to distribute between the transition home and orphanages. Thanks for all your help, prayers, and support.

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Jori said...

Hi, just checking in on you. I am so hoping to be in the November travel group - come on Mowa and Miracle October!!
How are things going with Sara? I keep praying for the entire situation and both families. Hoping you get to see her soon!
love, jori