Sunday, October 10, 2010

The 20 Day Count Down!!!

We are leaving in 20 days for Ethiopia!!! We have a court date of November 4th! This is exactly 2 years from Daniel's Gotcha Day! The day we took him into our care forever. Tom, Lori, Sara (17), and Michael (10) will be traveling to Ethiopia. We are so excited to finally meet our daughter and be able to hug her and kiss her! We will arrive back in the US on Nov. 6th with out her. As soon as the US Embassy gives approval I will travel back to Ethiopia to bring her home! We are excited to enter the next step of adoption...

We have 150 pounds of donations at this time, 75 care packages for Kind Hearts, gifts, and other goodies. We are also taking cash donations along to buy food for the orphanages, and Kind Hearts! If you would like to donate anything please let me know! We will update as much as wee can while we are in Ethiopia!!!
Please keep praying!

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Apryl said...

I'm so behind on news!! I didn't know you guys were taking this trip--though I knew about you referral (can't wait to see pictures!!). You all are on my mind often, as I think about your adoption--praying that court goes well and the trip is fantastic.