Friday, November 12, 2010

Brthday wishes, well wishes, and puzzle pieces! Can you help?

 A scrap book for our Sweet "T"....
We have a 300 piece puzzle and we are selling puzzle pieces. For $5.00 you can purchase a puzzle piece. What does this mean? It means that when you donate $5.00 to help bring T home, we will put our name on the back of a puzzle piece and you get to send a special message or well wish to go in this special book for T. She will have this special gift that shows all of the family and friends that helped bring her home!

  We have sold 34 pieces and have some wonderful well wishes in her book!

 We have wishes from family and friends from 3 different states at this point. Will your family or state be represented?
 Today is T's birthday, her last birthday as an orphan.
Would you like to purchase a puzzle piece and leave her a birthday message?
 We would like to thank all of the family and friends who have sent special messages!
 Please keep the messages coming!

 Our 300 piece puzzle....
Is your name on the back of a piece?
Once the puzzle is done we will glue it and hang it. We will then be able to show T all the names on the back of the puzzle!

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