Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Donations!!! Thanks for your help!

This is what our pile of luggage looked like, before we walked out the door! We divided everything up between the Transition Home where our daughter is, 2 orphanages Kids Care and KVI, and a drop in care center called Kind Hearts!
We took a large duffel bag of items to the Transition Home and donated $100 towards supplies. We took one large duffel bag to Kid's Care (the orphanage that Daniel spent time at) and donated $100 towards supplies. We gave a large duffel bag of general supplies, plus one large duffel bag of emergency needed items to KVI. This bag included 8 mattress pad covers, 10 crib sheets, blankets, 70+ cloth diapers, 40 plastic diaper covers, and things like this. We were also able to donate $280 for supplies to be purchased. We took a large duffel bag of supplies including school supplies to Kind Hearts and a large tote of care package items to share with all of the kids, and we stopped and purchased green-oranges, bananas, powder-milk, onions, fire wood, and two lambs.
We want to thank everyone that made these donations possible! They are truly needed! If you would like to donate anything else before our second trip please let me know!

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