Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My trip to Ethiopia by Michael Laughner age 10

 Kids Care Orphanage (where Daniel spent time)
 Huts that we saw.
 Our Traditional Ethiopian Dinner.

 Our sponsor child at Kind Hearts.
Aunt Shirley and Uncle Tim's sponsor child.

I woke up and ate my disgusting breakfast. We had fake eggs, burnt toast, and ok yogurt. We went on the bumpy roads dodging cars. There are no rules for the road in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We went to meet my sister "T" for the first time. She loves us, hugs, dolls, and balloons. Also at the transition home I played soccer with all the boys. On the way home I saw straw huts, people sitting on the side of the road begging, and lots of markets.
When we woke up we went shopping in the morning. I bought a cool white Ethiopia hat. Everyone was hungry and most were homeless. It was very sad that kids had to give shoeshines to afford food and drinks. As you walk by the shops all of the owners beg you to come into their shops. The shops are very small and the main items were Bob Marley t shirts and wood carvings. It was kind of scary when people would grab you  and ask for food or money. After that we had lunch at Makush a restaurant and art gallery. I had tortellini. A lot of the restaurants are Italian. After lunch we went back to the transition house to see "T". She was so happy to see us. After playing with her, we went to dinner. That night we had to go to the traditional Ethiopian dinner. I took tons of pictures of the food and dancers. Up on stage there were dancers moving like no one has ever seen before. We had some kind of mushed up sauce, and beef wrapped in a bread called injera. Personally, I did not really like it.
In the morning we went to Kind Hearts a drop in center. Kids parents drop them off in the morning and pick them up late at night. It was amazing when 89 kids came running out of a small building at the same time. They all wanted attention and just to be held. We have a sponsored kid named Yilbetal. He is 12 years old and likes to play soccer (football). After an amazing hour we went to an American Pizza Place called Island Breeze. It is one of the best pizza places that I have ever been to. After that we went back to the transition house to spend time with "T". When we left she started to cry. You get attached and then you have to leave : (
When we woke up we went to a coffee tour. We saw how the Ethiopians make coffee. There was mountains of coffee beans. After that we stepped into a big court house. After an upsetting "Not Yet" because our final papers had not come in. Next we went back to the transition house. We spent a good 2hours there. We walked down the road to where "T" sleeps  and put family pictures on the wall next to her bed. Again going home I saw their football/soccer fields. It is cement, and their shoes have holes or they play barefoot. Next we had dinner, and I tried to sleep but there was really loud music down the road. Then after a while it was good night!
In the morning we got a quick breakfast and headed for KVI.(an orphanage). It was disgusting. It had 6 babies in a crib with no mattresses.They  had no food. After I saw the sick babies and I ran outside to the big kids, and got in trouble for going in the garden (which was only the grass). Next we went to Kids Care orphanage. We did not stay long because the kids were in school. We went to lunch at an Italian Restaurant called Blue Tops. After that we went to the transition house. It was hard saying bye, but my mom will pick her up in December. All the nannies pulled her off of us.

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