Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Well today is officially 5 months of waiting since our dossier went to Ethiopia. The time line that we are told is 5-7 months for a boy and 7-9 months for a girl. There are still more families in front of us waiting for referrals. We pray that lots of referrals will come in this month and next and that we will be one of them. We would love to travel this summer before the ET court closures. The Ethiopia court closes from August to October for the rainy season. Addis Abbaba has been experiencing power outages which has created problems with faxing and receiving the paperwork needed to finalize referrals. We pray that these problems can be taken care of.
There are several families that have court dates on May 12th. Please pray for these families.
Thank you for stopping in and following our journey.
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Susan said...

You're "in the window!" I know the joy of entering the window, but I didn't think we'd still be waiting at 6 1/2 months with people at 7. Oh well! Hope you guys get included in in the next groups of referrals. (That would get us in it too! LOL!)

Take care! Susan

the Steiger's said...

You are getting closer and closer. Great talking to you and we can not wait to see you!!!

Carpenters said...

We are definitely praying for successful court dates and lots of referrals. It must feel good to have those five month behind you. I hope the rest of the wait goes quickly.

With Love,