Wednesday, May 14, 2008


We are excited to say that the West Family had a successful court day yesterday. Check out their blog to see the latest info and pictures of their son. Congratulations West Family. Scroll down and on the left you will see a list of names of other families adopting from AWAA and click on the West Family.

We are sorry to say that all the paperwork needed for the Kidd Family was not present for their court date. They are rescheduled for the fourth time next week. We continue to pray for their family. There have been a lot of power outages in Ethiopia, which is making it hard for the paperwork to be faxed, emailed,etc. This is causing a slowdown with referrals, court dates, and communication in general.

Please pray for these families and those waiting for referrals. Please pray for the people of Ethiopia and the struggles that they face daily.
Thank you for following our journey and for your prayers.

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ethiHOPEia said...

Hi! Congrats as well for the five month mark! I am bad at leaving comments, even though I am a diligent blog reader! Which is too bad because I LOVE to get comments on our blog! :)
We're moving up little by little.