Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Day to Celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! Today we learned that Kidd Family passed court! They are headed to Ethiopia on June 7th to pick up their baby girl. Check out their blog, by going to the link on the left side. Congratulations Kidd Family, we will be praying for safe travel.

Two other families from our adoption agency recieved referrals today. The Redferns have a baby boy and the Wempe Family have a baby girl. Congratulations to these families. This should place the Laughners and the Forrest Family in the top 10! The Forrest Family Dossier traveled to Ethiopia with ours. We would love to get referrals at the same time and travel with them.
Keep the prayers coming. We love seeing progress come from this program.

Ethiopia has also recieved rain this week! This is also a praise. Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!

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ethiHOPEia said...

Yeah! Happy day. Don't wish to travel with us since we're asking for 2:) It'll take longer I imagine! But it would be awesome to meet you! So I'll pray it happens quick(as if I haven't been already). :)