Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Behind the green gates....

We started this adoption process in April of 2007. We have been praying for this day, when we would be able to go through the green gates and meet for the first time the precious child that God chose for our family. We are now just 4 days from leaving for Ethiopia to pick up Daniel Fitsum Laughner (his soon to be name). Right now his name is Fitsum Thomas Laughner. We should be entering through those green gates on Monday the 3rd of Nov. Daniel is living at the Transition Home that is behind those gates. He has been living there since June 10. Please pray for him as he prepares to meet his new family and start his new life. Please pray for our family as we fly to Africa to pick him up. Please pray for Michael and Benjamin as they will be anxiously waiting to meet their new brother on Nov. 8th.
Thank you to the wonderful Steiger Family for this wonderful photo of the green gates. They took this photo when they went and picked up their beautiful daughter (Daniel's future ET playmate). They are only a few weeks apart in age.

There are families that are in Ethiopia right now. These are a couple of the things that we have heard about Daniel from them...

We really enjoyed all of the children at the transition home. I know those of you waiting to go are just dying. Your children are precious! I was especially smitten with the Laughner's little one. He is a sweet heart! Of course, they are all wonderful! From the Schmidt Family

Lori Laughner & family: Oh! My goodness! You are going to have some serious “girl problems” when your little guy gets older!! LOL He’s just toooooo good looking and so fun to boot. He was always around and always happy. From The Lusse Family

What a special treat to hear these kind words this week.

Thank you for all the prayers and support. WE are blessed to know all of you. Talk to you soon from Ethiopia.

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Erica said...

We will definitely be praying for you as you travel. We can't wait to see pictures and read of your journey. Also, what a great idea to frame the picture of the gates!

Erica R.