Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Waiting for news...

Today is Tuesday, and we know that we have a court date this week. What we don't know is what day this week. This is a really difficult wait. We know that if we pass court that we will be traveling in 18 days! We will get to meet our son in person in 20 days! If the judge does not find favor in our case and does not pass us. Then we wait some more. It could be another month before we get another court date.

The hardest thing is not knowing God's timing. I think that I am ready, but it is not about my timing but God's timing. I pray that things go well and we can use the plane tickets that we have on hold. We have learned so much during this journey, and have made new friends.... Now we are just ready to travel with some of those friends meet our son. Please keep praying!

yesterday we found out that one of the little girls at the same Transition Home as Daniel passed away from Pneumonia. We are grieving with the Forrest Family who never got to meet their little princess. Please pray for this family as they go through this difficult time. Please pray for the health of all the little ones in orphanages and the Transition Home. Please pray for the people of Ethiopia. Thank you for your prayers and following our Journey to Ethiopia.


the Steiger's said...

we are praying and waiting for a GOOD news in few days:)
love, Lenka

Jori said...

My friend, you know I am praying!! Come on MOWA ~ I can't wait to see your little guy!! :):)
love, jori

Jori said...

I also need your address to send you something. you can email me on YG or private - either way!!!! :):)
love ya, jori