Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 2

Dear Family and Friends,

We are sitting here in our hotel room, while our son Daniel is sleeping
in his crib, in our room!

We started the day doing paper work for the US Embassy! We will travel
there tomorrow to get Daniel's visa so we can bring him home. After the
paper work, we went shopping. We went to an open market. It was really
overwhelming. There were tons of little shops and every shop worker
wanted you to buy from them. In most of the shops you were supposed to
barter for a better price (I am not sure how well we did). After buying
many souveniers we went to Metro Pizza for lunch and then off to the
Transition Home. When we drove through the green gates and were walking
up to the door of the home, Daniel came walking out! He walked right up
to me and lifted his hands in the air.
He is so good natured. The visit was pretty hectic, it was raining so
all of the older kids were inside too. We passed out care packages and
took lots more pictures. For those of you waiting to come here, your
children are wonderful. We gave out our gifts and donations. I then had
my first cup of coffee ever at a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony.
After many tears from all the nannies we loaded up our children to take
them back to the hotel with us.

Back at the hotel, Dad got the first dirty diaper. We then went to
dinner. Daniel sat in a high chair and ate anything in sight. He played
with his little cars and was very content. We then came back to our room
for a bath. He hated it and peed in the tub! We then gave him a bottle
and I laid a sleeping baby in his crib.

Michael and Benjamin, we are thinking about you and love you very much!
I can't wait to see you! Have fun at clubs tomorrow. Tell Grandma and
Grandpa hello!

PS Please pray for Val in our travel group, her paperwork is not right
for the Embassy! It needs to be there soon in order for her to come home
with the rest of the group!

Love to all,



Rob & Candy said...

yah, so glad you have your little guy! Daniel is so cute!

Danielle said...

Oh! What a wonderful (albeit hectic) day!!! Daniel is so precious. Congratulations!

Love, Danielle

Jori said...

So great to hear you are all well and have him in your arms!! love the green gate photo!! :):)

Carpenters said...

How sweet that Daniel came walking up to you and lifted his hands in the air! He knows his mommy. We'll be praying.

With Love,