Sunday, November 9, 2008

We are home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi just a short post to say that we are home! We made it safely and Daniel did great! We arrived back at Boston just before 2:00. Our boys, Grandma and Grandpa, and the Steiger family were there to welcome us home. The Steigers were holding signs and balloons. When we were part way down the escalator Daniel saw Michael and the Benjamin and got excited.... I think he recognized them from his photo book we sent him. He went right to them. He then let everyone hug and hold him. We took lots of photos, but I don't have ours uploaded yet. However Lenka was very sweet to send me an email with some of the 97 photos that she took, so here are some pictures of the home coming.


Jody Britton said...

Welcome home! I look forward to hearing how your flight home went. Miss you already friend.

beBOLDjen said...

I love the arrival photos from the airport. To me there's nothing more exciting than seeing family and friends gather around celebrating their newest addition after such a LONG journey. FUN!

I have to say you look really good. For the amount of traveling you just completed one would never know it if you were tired. Just full of joy :))

Danielle said...

YEAH! Welcome home! The family together. What a beautiful, beautiful thing. Love to you.


Rob & Candy said...

Welcome home!!

Jori said...

YAY!! Can't you believe it!?!?! Welcome home and now get some rest!! :):)
love ya, jori

Carpenters said...

Welcome home! It must be so great to have the whole family together finally! Rest up and then we would love to see you all in person.

With Love,

Nunez Family said...

What Joy for you to embrace your kids...I know it was hard being away from them ( even though you had extra kiddos in your room to make up for it, HA HA!)

Thanks again for everything! Blessed to be home:) Turns out Siah has a bacterial bug & is now on medication. We are going to be OK Ahhhh, sigh of relief!
Tom, thank you so much for journaling the Gagela story! It means the world to us!
We Love your family bunches & will never forget our experience & Lori your words will always settele in my heart " Were in it together"
May God bless you always! Hope to see you in a reunion down the road:)
Ana Nunez