Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Long Weekend of Fun!

This was full fun weekend starting on Thursday going to Monday. We had lots of different activities. I am starting with Monday and going backwards to Thursday. I hope you enjoy all the pictures.
On Monday we took the train to New York City. We visited the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Time Square. This is Benjamin posing as the Statue of Liberty with his new souvenirs. He is proud of his decorated crown. He decorated it on the train on the way home.

This is Sara and Allison riding the ferris wheel at Toys R Us in Time Square. They really wanted the My Little Pony Car.
Here is our car. I got to ride with Michael and Benjamin. They wanted the M&M or Monopoly car. They had fun on this 4 story ferris wheel inside the store.

Here we are on the ferry headed to the Statue of Liberty. What a feeling seeing the statue come into view.
Here are the kids posing next to to a replica of the foot from the statue. michael was impressed that the toenail was bigger than his whole hand.
Here we are our family at the viewing area at the top of the base of the Statue of Liberty.
This is the ferry ride to New York City from the visiting the statue. The kids rode on trains, subways, ferrys, what a fun day. Here is the undecorated crown. Benjamin walked around for hours posing and smiling.

On Sunday we had a pool party for Allison's 11th birthday and Michaels 8th birthday.

This was taken at Ellis Island. We had lunch in the cafeteria.

On Saturday we went to New Hampshire to visit with the Steiger family. We spent more time with their daughter from Ethiopia (no she doesn't want me close to her). She loves to smile and tease me. She just doesn't want me to get to close to her. Maybe someday...

We have done a learn a to read treasure hunt with all for of our kids. Benjamin is the youngest to complete all 50 days. He got to celebrate Friday night with 3 other friends and his siblings by minature golfing, dinner and icecream.

On Thursday Benjamin went to school for Kindergarten Screening. Yes my baby is going to all day kindergarten in the fall. When asked by the assistan principal what he was looking forward to he said "recess and riding the bus".
As everyone keeps asking if we ahve heard anything from our adoption.... We are moving up the list. I think we are around #3 for a boy. I hope and pray for our referral call soon. We promise to update and let everyone know as soon as we hear anything. Have a great week and love to all. Thank you for your prayers.


susannik said...

Okay, I will leave a comment to make you happy! As usual, all of your kids look wonderful. I just wish there was one more family member in the photos. All is well here, except...no Laughners living down the street.
Love, Susan

the Steiger's said...

Looks like you guys had a great trip to NYC.
We are all waiting for the phone call with you. I sure hope it will be SOON!
love, Lenka

Carpenters said...

It sounds like you all had a great time in New York City. Family time away is always fun. We'll be praying that the call comes soon. I can't wait to hear the good news.

With Love,