Sunday, June 8, 2008

Praying for a wonderful week full of miracles.

There are 5 families in Ethiopia this week. They are excited about meeting their children for the first time and bringing them home. The Kidd Family, Cordell Family, West Family, Gardner Family, and Schaetz Family are all in Ethiopia. you can follow 4 of the family's blogs by clicking on their family name under America World Family Links. You will find this by scrolling down on the left side of the page. These families will be updating about their trip from Ethiopia. Please be praying for these families.

There are 3 families with court dates this week, on June 10th. The Gibson Family, The Raymer Family, and the Ord Family. Please pray for successful court dates for these families. So they can can schedule their travel to pick up their little ones.

There are seven families that are waiting for court dates to be scheduled. Wow, many great things are happening with America World. We are praying for many more referrals this week. Our family is in the top ten waiting for a referral. We are excited about hearing the news soon about our new addition to our family. We are feeling a little nervous about how long it could take to get a court date after our referral since the Ethiopian courts will be closing from August until October, for the rainy season. Please pray for many more referrals.

Please pray for all the children in Ethiopia and their families. Please pray for rain. There is a severe drought and because of that many power outages.

Thank you for stopping by to see us. Please leave us a message to say hello. We would love to hear from you. Thank you to all the family and friends who have supported us with prayers and by purchasing shirts, bags, and peppermint patties form us. Every contribution helps with the travel expenses of picking up our little one. If you are interested in our shirts or bags you can click on the link to the left. If you are local and are interested in peppermint patties please let me know.
Thank you and have a great week!

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Linda DeMien said...

Hi just cannot wait to get our new grand child love dad.