Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Bikes!

This was a busy but fun weekend! We had a nice day celebrating Father's Day with Tom.

Here are three of our kids wearing our adoption shirts, "They Are Precious In His Sight".
They love wearing them and carrying their bags.

Here are Benjamin, Michael, and Allison being silly in a tree. They were having a good time together.

Allison was part of the pit band for a "School House Rock JR." play at her school. She played 6 of the 12 songs on the piano. The band sounded great. They had three performances.

Here is Benjamin on his new bike. (Michael got a new bike for his birthday so Benjamin got Micheal's too small bike)
Michael will be eight years old tomorrow. This is his birthday present! He is proud of the gears and hand brakes. He loves how fast it goes.
Allison will be eleven in 13 more days. She also got a new bike for her birthday. They really had fun riding them. We have 2 1/2 days of school left the kids are ready to start summer break. Michael finished soccer, Allison is finished with her play and band, and Sara has a few more finals. Allison and Michael just started flag football on Saturday. Michael got drafted for the Cardinals and Allison got drafted for the Redskins. It should be a fun season.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there!
Please pray for the families getting ready to travel, the ones with court days this week, the ones waiting for court dates, and lots of referrals.... Please pray for all the people in Ethiopia.
and Have a Great Week!

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Danielle said...

Hi Lori! Wish our boys could ride bikes together! Maybe next summer....just wanted to check in after the latest referrals. You guys are getting so close, it feels like! I can't imagine how your excitement is growing!