Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tom Here...

Hi. I'm busting in on Lori's blog to post a short message.

I'm not sure why, but I've been hesitant throughout this process to ask for financial help on this adoption. I've never been one to ask others for money. I also felt that if we were going to make this commitment, we should figure out how to take on the responsibility for the finances.

With airfare increasing so much over the past year, I reluctantly agreed to do some fundraising. If there was a product people were getting, it wouldn't seem like we were going to people with our hands out. We started selling the t-shirts and bags and have been grateful to the folks who have purchased them. Some of the folks I work with suggested we sell Lori's incredible peppermint patties. The response to those has been tremendous.

Because of the peppermint patty deliveries around campus (I work at Smith College), word has really been getting around on our adoption. There have been lots of words of encouragement and support. People have also helped us make connections to other families here in the valley that have adopted from Ethiopia as well as other countries.

I have to say, though, one of the most touching moments for me came last week. A man in another department whom I know, but don't work with on a daily basis stopped me on the quad. He told me that he'd heard about our adoption and that we were selling peppermint patties to raise money for travel. He went on to tell me that he had two adopted children of his own and really supported what we were doing. In addition, although he didn't need any peppermint patties, would he mind if he made a donation for our travel expenses.

I hesitated for a moment before telling him it would be okay. but realized that the people around here really want to support us in this effort. I am deeply touched by everything the other members of our community are doing. It is truly a humbling experience.



Linda DeMien said...

hey cool to see Tom join in on your blog. Good work on the candy selling business. Mom

Carpenters said...

Hi Tom! It's so good to 'hear' your voice. I haven't yet convinced Gabe to post. Great job on the fundraising too!

With Love,