Monday, January 24, 2011

Our first full day home!

We were all up fairly early, but started the day with smiles. We had scrambled eggs and pancakes. Tamenech ate well but is not willing to try milk. She does not like cheese and has tried but not wanted yogurt... hhmmmm not sure what we will do! Time will tell, at least she is eating. Her two beverage choices have been water and pineapple juice. In the morning the kids were running and playing Tamenech was scared of the dog. By afternoon she was letting the dog lick her and was petting her. They are now friends. Tamenech thinks that since Daniel looks like her that he should speak Amharic. She jabbers non stop to him. He thinks that she is being silly so he mimics her. It is funny to listen to them. They must have ran at least 50 laps around the house together. He said wow Dad, she is fast. She loves the phone and wants to call and say hello to everyone! Buttons are still a novelty, the phones, ipads, computers, dish washer, washer, etc. She is definitely curious and exploring. There has been some jealousy but no more than we would expect. The house was not quiet, it was full of giggles all day! She had her first bath and was full of smiles. Over all a perfect day!
Allison said that Tamenech woke up 3 time in the night just to check that she was still there. As soon as she heard Allison she went right back to sleep. Today we go to see the doctor for her in country check up! Then off for blood work today or tomorrow. Tom is back to work and teaching tonight and jet lag is in full swing. Praying for a successful day.


Jody Britton said...

welcome home!!!

The Davidsons said...

I love reading about your trip! It was great to talk with you yesterday and hear Tamanech's sweet voice on the phone. When Trey is home, we will have to let them Skype :)