Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our next couple of days!

Monday and Tuesday have come and gone! We are doing great! We need to get over the jet lag (or should I say, I need to). We ventured out to the bus stop Monday morning with the boys, it was -10 degrees. We were freezing. she was a little concerned when the boys got on the bus and left! We then ventured off to the store to pick up a few items. She was happy to see bananas but not happy to put them up to pay for them. She was happy again to see that she got them back to take them home! Daniel and Tamenech rode in the cart together. She did not like the cheese that the deli passed out. We played at home and then headed to the doctor for a check up. She was 44 pounds and 3ft 7 in. The doctor thought that she looked great and at this time has no concerns except getting her used to the office. We headed over to the lab on Tuesday with stool samples and to get blood work done! She did not like the blood work, but who does. We survived it and lived to tell about it! We now wait to see that it all comes back good!
 Tuesday evening we ventured out to Michael's basketball game. She did great, wasn't sure about all the noise. She is playing well, eating well, and bonding with us! She slept through the night last night which was a first since we have been home. Every day she is a little more willing to try new foods. She actually ate cereal with milk on it and ate a string cheese. A favorite right now is tacos and burritos, but instead of eating them like we do, I tore up tortilla shells (like injera) and piled the toppings on her plate so she could eat it like an Ethiopian meal with injera. She was all smiles and begging for more of the meat and refried beans and rice. She is a great eater.
Today we are staying home most of the day and heading over to clubs tonight if there isn't too much snow by then. This will be her first trip to the church! Yesterday morning it was snowing and she loved it. She was all smiles, loved touching it, making tracks in it, and seeing snow on others hats and hair. Everything is a first and it is fun to see it through her eyes!
Her favorites seem to be playing dolls (doing there hair), coloring, puzzles, balloons, and my i pad!
She understanding more English everyday! She is curious and it is a bit like having a new toddler around, but is quickly learning the rules of the house. She also loves singing in English and Amharic, this girl is always singing! What a sweet girl.

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