Monday, January 31, 2011

Wow, we have been home for over a week now!

Here we are Monday morning, home 9 days! We have been to the doctor, had blood work (which so far has all came back good), gone to basketball games, church, an Ethiopian Celebration, met new people and much more.... On Saturday night we went to an Ethiopian Celebration with a Boston group of adoptive families and our dear friends the Steigers! We all had some traditional Ethiopia dishes and yes injera! They had crafts for the kids, dinner, a coffee ceremony, and Ethiopian music. A nice time was had by all! I took the kids off to church on Sunday morning, while Tom took Michael in to have a strep test. Yes, he has strep! It has been a crazy week with medical issues... Allison has a sprained hand, from a basketball injury and another issue going on. I have to say Tamenech is healthier than some in our house right now.

Tamenech is doing great, she is a bit like a toddler. She is very curious and exploring everything. Everyday is more English and a little more independence! She has some maturing to do to reach her actual age, but that is to be expected. Everyday they spend in the orphanage, the more they lose. She was out of a family setting for 9 months. The adjustments are are going much easier than we thought they would.

Sara has been home this weekend and it has been nice to have everyone in one house! Sweet T is enjoying her time with her big sis!

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