Thursday, March 21, 2013

2013 Trip, Day 10 (Lori)

We slept from 11pm to 4:30am and then it was back to the airport at 5:30. We met a really nice couple from Florida coming back from India. They were on our flight to JFK. They took Benjamin and me under their wings and helped us through the Dubai airport which is very large. They helped us get through passport checks, to find our gate, and even had breakfast with us. I truly believe God knew exactly what we needed and placed them with us. They even sat right in front of us on the plane.

Our flight taking off from Dubai, was late. We had 4 crying babies on our section of the plane. We started taxing off and got to the run way, when they discovered that we were carrying bags for a passenger that never boarded. So they took us back to the gate to remove the bags. We were then up in the air. They told us hours later that there was a passenger having medical problems and that we were going to need to make an emergency medical landing in Munich, which soon changed to Amsterdam. After landing and the passanger being met by a medical team, they had to get his and his wife's bags off the plane. Then a diabetic passener started having trouble and had to have a doctor who was a passenger give this passenger medical care. After that our wings were icy and we had to wait for de-icing. We then had 2 more passengers with medical problems and yes the babies were still crying. There was a lady from Pakistan, we guess that she sedated her self for the flight, she knew nothing. Unfortunately she had 2 children under 20 months, that she was not taking care of. The stewardess were getting on her for not changing the kids diapers and for not feeding them. The passengers around her and the stewardess ended up taking care of the kids. We ended up being on this flight for almost 24 hours. Benjamin ended up having a long brithday. He started out in Africa, spent the night in Dubai Asia, spent a couple of hours in Amsterdam Europe, flew back into the US North America and drove through 3 states NY, CT, and MA! A birthday to remember. We finished our flight about 6 hours late. Made it through immigration, baggage, and customs, with out any trouble. Glen picked us up with pillows, bottles of water, and cookies for each of us. He dropped us all off on our door steps. We arrived home just after midnight. What a long time of travelling but it was great to be home!

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