Saturday, March 16, 2013

2013 Trip, Day 3 (Lori)

On Tuesday we left for Kombolcha 6:30 am and drove until 4:00. Such great scenery on our way. We started out in Addis with the wonderful sites and smells of Addis (lots of exhaust fumes).

Our first stop was a nature bathroom call. We lined up in a row of trees and did what we needed to do. It wasn't pleasant but it didn't kill us. We drove a while longer then stopped to get our driver some breakfast. We then drove a few more hours, stopped along the side of the road, climbed a hill, and had a spaghetti picnic. It was a beautiful view. We ate. The kids down below us walking home from school, were wondering what we were up to. The kept laughing and waving to us. 2 kids climbed the hill to see what we're up to. We invited them to eat with us. We fixed them a plate of spaghetti. They were not sure what to do with it or the forks. Eventually they ate some with their fingers but they were not fond of it. We took a team picture on the hill, and then headed back the van.

What we saw on this drive was beautiful, we saw mud houses, huts, camels, goats, lamb, and much more. It was a long but interesting drive. When we got to the bridge it was closed and we had take a detour, it was dusty and times steep. We had drive through a shallow river to get where we needed to go. Continuing on our drive we saw 2 crashed vans, and many dead cows. Benjamin loved seeing the camels and was begging to ride one.
At 4pm, we finally reached our Sunny Side Hotel. We got our rooms, used the restroom, and then headed off to the care point center. As we parked the van, the kids came running, you couldn't move. The kids were so full of excitement and love. They just stayed in our arms, hugging us, shaking our hands, kissing us, anything to be close to us. We got to spend a little over a hour with them. We met Kalkidan our sponsor child. She was so sweet and happy that we were there.We did a Bible skit for the kids and Benjamin was in it. The kids were completely amazed with Benjamin., they had never seen a white child like them,he received many hugs, high fives, and even some kisses. There was always a group  of kids around him. They would also follow anyone with a camera. They wanted to see the picture, so that they could see what they look like.

For some kids that is the only way they know what they look like. They are precious. After promising the kids we would see them tomorrow, we got ready to board the van. Benjamin decided  to give some of the kids on the street pens. Th kids were begging. They surrounded Benjamin, and Teddy our bus driver had to help him. Then we headed back to the Sunny Side, for pizza and rest.

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