Saturday, March 16, 2013

2013 Trip, Day 2 (Lori)

We woke up Monday morning, got up and had breakfast with the team. Benjamin was not feeling well. We managed to sneak out long enough to go shopping and I bought some great stuff. We saw a little boy begging. Myndi and Benjamin were heart broken. Benjamin gave him some birr and they both gave him a snack. Shopping in all those little shops is truly an experience. You have people trying to sell you stuff, begging for food, wanting to wash your shoes, wanting to sell you gum, etc.

After shopping we headed to fashionAble. Benjamin was really sick, so our driver dropped off the team and took us back to the guest house. Benjamin rested for a while and then started eating and drinking, we even went for a walk and even looked at some little shops. We came back to write in our journals and play games. It was a fun evening of UNO with Myndi, Carey, and Benjamin.  We headed to bed, so we could leave for Kombolcha in the morning.

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