Thursday, March 21, 2013

2013 Trip, Day 7 (Lori)

Our drive back to Addis.

We were up and on the bus by 6:30. We made a few stops in nature for bath room breaks. At one of our stops that was supposed to be a very short stop Rob Tennant, our leader and pastor, said to Benjamin, (while standing behind the bus) I will race you to the top of this mountain.
Ready? Well Benjamin just started to run, I yelled stop, you are in the road, Rob grabbed him. Thank goodness, because there was a car coming. They then walked to the other side of the road and said go. They ran about half way up the hill and then had to walk the rest of the way. I was getting nervous, it was a pretty good size mountain. They made it to the top and smiled for a quick picture. Well let's say going up was much easier than coming down. I was really scared that they were going to fall down the mountain. Well Rob did manage to fall a little and come back with a need for a few bandages. I finally asked Fikre to go and save my son. Rob later gave me a hard time about not trusting him. Fikre ran up the mountain put Benjamin on his back and was going to go piggy back, this made me even more nervous. He then put him down, held his hand, and ran down the mountain. I swear, Fikre may be part mountain lion. They all made it down the mountain and only a few battle wounds to show. Unfortunately a while later Benjamin was sick again in the van, thank goodness for a bag with out any holes. Wegave him some anti nausea medicine and he was soon fine. We stopped to see the baboons, unfortunately there weren't any. After few more hours of driving, we finally arrived back to the guest house at 3:30. Benjamin laid down for a nap. We decided to stay behind at the guest house, while the team went out for a Mexcan dinner. We met an adoptive family, worked on our journals, and played Uno. The others brought us dinner back.

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