Saturday, March 16, 2013

2013 Trip, Day 4 (Lori)

Today we left the hotel at 8:30, to head to the drop in center. Once again we were greeted with so much love. Kalkidan, was right there waiting for me. She was all smiles and yelling "Lori", when I got close to her she rn into my arms, she was stuck to me like glue!

We quickly set up camp for the day, Bible skits, recreation, crafts, and care packages. I worked with the care package station. I can't even begin to tell you, how Important that package is to them. They were so excited about the letters, pictures, and goodies, They went around showing every one that had time to look. While working with care packages, I passed out back packs and had them write their name on them (sim means name).i then gave very one a cloth doll, girls got dresses, and hair ties, Benjamin helped entertain the kids while they waited for care packages. He is sure that he worked much harder than me. We then left the drop in center for lunch, Kalkidan, got to go with us so that we could go to her house for a home visit. We went to her house and met her mom and little brother. Her mother is anemic and gets sick, her father works daily labor ( he breaks stones and gathers sticks for construction , her  older brother a mechanic, at a barge. He helps to support the family. Kalkidan, is in. 6th grade  born in 2001, they told us her little brother is 12, he looks like a 6 year old. I don' t see how he could be. They live in a mud house. The mud has been painted  for the inside walls. It has a dirt floor with sheets down, there were 3 small chairs, a small couch, a small mat for mom and dad to sleep on, a small cabinet with a few dishes, They had electric and a tv witch really surprised me. They had a small fire to cook on. Her mother was very upset that she didn't know that we were coming right then, and she did not makes us coffee. They have lived in this house for 4 years. They pay 30 birr a month for their mud house. That would be like 15 dollars a month for 10 years (about $1800! Kalkidan was all smiles the whole time we were there. The care point center only takes in one child per family. Unless the other child can find a sponsor. I would love for someone to sponsor him. It was really hard for me that Kalidan would go home with goodies and her little brother would get nothing. I wanted to be able help this family so much. We took them coffee and oil for a gift. Myndi gave them dried fruit. I hope to buy Kalkidan new shoes while we are here. Her shoes are falling apart. I love this little girl. In the afternoon we went back to the center and ran the vbs program all over again. The kids are great, it is going to be really hard to say good bye on Friday. After the center we came back to the Sunny Side for dinner. Benjamin has eaten a lot of French fries and cheese pizza. After dinner we went outside an had our first experience with sugar cane. Then it was off to write in our journals and head to bed!

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